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Keds is a well-known shoe company and they have been selling shoes for almost 100 years. They make and sell casual tennis shoes for men, women and kids. Even though Keds are mainly known for tennis shoes they have expanded into clothing for girls such as dresses, tanks and t-shirts. You can search for casual and tennis shoes by product, size and by collections. They have the following Keds collections: Fall Collection Champion Collection Keds x Kate spadeNew York Taylor Swift for Keds Coll...
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Lorex Technology formerly Strategic Vista International designs, manufactures, and distributes video security devices for commercial and residential customers in North and South America, as well as in the UK. The company also provides digital video products through its Digimerge Technologies subsidiary. It has expanded its video security operations through the acquisition of Mansoor Electronics, a Canadian-based provider of video surveillance products including cameras, digital video recorders a...
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VueZone is part of Netgear which is a US based computer hardware and networking component manufacturer. The company sells security and surveillance equipment. The website provides customers with a chance to compare and make an informed decision before they buy computer networking hardware. The company provides specific products for homes and offices as it recognizes their needs are different from one another. The website operates and e-store that sells the company’s products that include: ...
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Outbreak of fire can occur at any point in time. Whether it is in an office or a residential home, pretty much the same precautions need to be taken to avoid the incident of fire. In this article, you are going to see simple, yet very important steps you need to take to avoid any such incident of fire breaking out when you least expect it.
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The Ready Project is a company that sells products related to survival. Survival means surviving in the outdoors or in your home during emergencies like a hurricane, ice storm, earthquake and other types of natural disasters that can disrupt power, roads and food supplies. Emergency food supplies like freeze dried and dehydrated food are not only helpful in an emergency situation, they can also help get a person through tough economic times and they are great for backpacking and hiking because t...
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The Ready Store sells emergency preparedness solutions for families and individuals. The Ready Store carries dry rations, water supplies and filters, power supply solutions and much more. Products available from The Ready Store: Emergency Supplies Warmth & Shelter Sanitation & Hygiene First Aid & Medical Tools & Supplies Books & Info Bags & Buckets Light & Communication Cooking & Fuel Emergency Power 72 Hour Survival Kits...
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1-800-PREPARE, LLC isa disaster preparedness company. It is an online business that sells survival and disaster kits and also offers preparedness information in case of disasters or emergencies. Their survival kits are especially designed with the guidance of experts in the preparedness industry, and vary from home survival kits, office survival kits, car survival kits, pandemic survival kits, school survival kits, and several more. They generally include food, water, lighting, first aid su...
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Food Insurance is an emergency food supply company that ensures your food needs are covered should disaster ever strike. All of their food has a shelf life of 25 years or more, and they have something for everyone including vegetarian and gluten-free products. They have a variety of different options for your food storage needs including: Long-term Meal Plans Short-term Meal Plans A La Carte They also have a large selection of emergency supplies including the several different emergency ...
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Havahart Wireless is a company that sells wireless and wired dog fences. They offer customizable boundaries and they cover up to 11 acres. They also offer wired fences, remote trainers, and pet doors. The website also offers instruction manuals, videos, quick set up guides, troubleshooting guides, expert tips, FAQ's and more.
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Wise Food Storage is a company that provides emergency meal packages and storage for both families and individuals. They have many different packages available and something for every price range. They specifically offer these different options: Emergency Long Term Food Kits Emergency Grab and Go Kits Ultimate Emergency Prepper Packs Outdoor Food Kits Wise Food Storage products are freeze-dried and dehydrated meals for use in emergencies that can be easily stored. Their products have a ...
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eFoodsDirect, headquartered in Midvale, Utah 84047, provides specialty food items since over 25 years back.   The company’s products carry the exclusive Nutriversal Seal of Promise, good-faith pledge of uncompromising quality that far exceeds the standards set by law and industry norms.Besides being tasty and nutritious, eFoodsDirect products offer: - Quick Fix: Quick and easy to prepare -- just add water to rehydrate the food.   Quick-Fix line provides packets of compl...
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PrepareWise is a company dedicated to providing customers with high quality emergency food and other emergency preparedness products, such as survival kits, to help them in times of uncertainty and when disaster strikes. Every home, business, and school should have some sort of emergency preparation plan that includes survival essentials, such as those offered by PrepareWise. The company has chosen to provide only the highest quality dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, which is supplied by the Le...
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Security Cameras Direct is a company that specializes in video security. They offer a large variety of security cameras, video cameras, hidden cameras, security monitor devices, GPS tracking devices, loss prevention, accessories and so much more. They offer free life time support on all of their products. They also offer live chat to speak with customer service.
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Many homeowners are aware that it is dangerous to leave lit candles unattended or overload electrical receptacles, but every year there are more than 360,000 home fires every year that require a response from the fire department. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are about 2,800 deaths from home fires each year. Aside from these glaring hazards, there are less obvious fire dangers in the home that you can prevent and correct on your own.
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My Food Storage is a company that sells long term food storage items for families and individuals. They also offer emergency food kits, survival kits, and other products. They sell freeze dried foods as well. They offer a free sample on the website as well. They offer food for camping and outdoor activities also.
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