How to Prevent Accidents Inside the House
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How to Prevent Accidents Inside the House

Preventive ways to avoid accidents inside the house.

Who wants accidents inside the house? For sure nobody wants it. We want a house that is safe specially for children. If we will only take preventive actions around the house, accidents can be avoided. Below are some ways to avoid accidents :

Proper arrangement of furniture inside the house. Make sure that arrangement is properly placed, provide a traffic free area in such a way that people can go in and out without banging into each other.

Check flooring for carpet ripping, old tiles and moldings for replacement. Make a temporary remedy to repair the damage until a professional repairman becomes available. Immediately wipes up spills,leaks to prevent slips and fall.

Purchase a good quality ladder. Buying a good piece will make a difference than buying a lesser quality. When cleaning or doing household tasks, make sure that the ladder footing is secure enough.

Create a Tool Box storage. Tools and equipment should be properly in placed. Return immediately after use to keep from children.

Keep the stairs free from obstruction. Make sure toys and other things are not on the landing area to avoid slips.

Check automatic doors for proper function.   Accident may occur if suddenly closes when someone pass by.  All areas of the house should be well lighted. Dark areas can be hazardous, it is advisable to check light fixtures periodically.

House electricals. Read manuals of new electrical appliances and equipment before plugging it in the outlet. Ground electrical cords for floor machines, check for frayed wires and loose plugs.

Prepare a first-aid-kit. . Even if you already taken the precautionary measures around the house, a first-aid-kit is still a must inside the house. It should be in a visible area for easy access.

Parents worry much about their children and take precautionary actions around the house. But how about if you are the one had the accident and you are only with your child or kids when it happens. Prepare them the proper handling of a situation mentally and emotionally in simple terms, tell them what to do if accidents happens. They should be able to know how to call emergency hotline and inform the incident properly as quickly as possible. They can be responsible in their own little way that could save life of a family member.

It is better to anticipate than to be careless and regret later.

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Comments (16)

Great tips - simple yet so easily forgotten. Good job!

Ranked #10 in Home Safety

good tips

Those were great and very important tips :)

Thanks for the tips!

One of my nephews had a little accident today lol. I'm glad nothing serious has happened!

Awesome job on this. Imp too, especially when kids are all over the Voted up and reddit! :)

thanks for the comments and the votes :-D

Good and important tips. Really very useful!

Great tips!

I can't tell you how many times my furniture has caused an accident with me.

Fabulous article!

Helpful tips.

Great info


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Good writing and well informed

Effective safeguards we should heed.