How to Use a Ramset : Fastening Walls to Concrete Floors
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How to Use a Ramset : Fastening Walls to Concrete Floors

This article describes how to use a Ramset type powder-actuated tool to fasten walls to concrete floors.

The problems encountered in securing wall framing  to concrete floors can be resolved in a number of ways, but the quickest and fastest method is to use a Ramset tool.  In new construction, anchor bolts can be installed if the location of the wall is accurately predetermined, but with renovations, modifying the floor plan on existing concrete floors can be more difficult.

Installation of new walls or the relocation of existing walls on concrete or even steel can be much more easily done using Ramset fasteners.

The Ramset is a powder-actuated device similar to a gun. It fires a hardened fastener or nail into the concrete by discharging a .22 , .25, or .27 calibre- sized controlled powder charge similar to how a weapon fires a bullet. An interlocking safety on the tip of the tool prevents the tool from being fired unless the tool is firmly pressed to the target wood or metal. Various models and designs of Ramset tools are available, including single shot, disc loaders (multi-shot) and strip loaders. The fasteners vary in size to 3" or longer. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to select the correct fastener for your application.

Caution: The procedure for using a Ramset tool must be followed using all safety protocol.

This type of fastener necessitates locating the wall plate precisely in position prior to fastening it down. There is no adjustment “after the fact”.

To install a framed wall upon concrete using a Ramset, use the following procedure:

• Mark the exact location of the wall on the concrete floor. Measure twice to be sure. Snap a chalk line if desired.

• Stand the wall in position. Locate the ends of the wall precisely, and fasten both ends accurately in position..

• Ensure there are no observers close by. Install notices, placards or block off entrances to the area where you will be using the Ramset tool to avoid injury to observers.

.• Ensure the Ramset is adequately lubricated.


• Ensure you have the CORRECT CHARGE for the fastener you are using. Charges are color-coded for safety. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for loading the charge.

• Insert the special fastener (pin, or spike) into the barrel as required. Ensure the coloured plastic sabot at the tip of the fastener is pressed INTO the barrel. Do not point the tool at any part of your body or at anyone present.

• Load the charge carefully as instructed.

• Ensure the alignment of the wall is correct. Place the tip of the tool securely on the wood vertically and press down. The tool is now armed.

• For the single shot Ramset, using a rubber mallet or type of hammer recommended, strike the upper end of the firing pin with a smart blow. For the multi-shot Ramset, simply depress the tip of the tool firmly on the wooden plate at the required location release the safety, and pull the trigger.

• Inspect the result. The head of the fastener should be just below the surface of the wall plate. If it remains above the surface of the plate, use the next stronger charge for subsequent shots.

• Locate and fasten the ends of the wall correctly prior to attempting to fasten the center of the wall down. If necessary, install a chalk line string and fasten the wall at 3' intervals or closer if desired.

NOTE: Final Safety precautions in using a Ramset tool

Never leave a Ramset tool unattended or stored with a charge and nail installed in it. Ramset tools and spare charges should be stored under lock and key with the fasteners.

Never rest the tip of the tool on any part of the body while in use

Keep the ‘trigger finger’ off of the trigger until you are ready to set the fastener.

Do not hold the trigger in the discharged position prior to placing the tip of the tool on the wood surface.

ALWAYS eye and hearing protection when using any Ramset or similar device.

Using the Ramset system it is essential to place the wall framing correctly. The hardened fasteners are difficult to remove from the concrete if an error is made. It may be necessary to grind or snap them off instead of trying to pull them out. Removing them by pulling them can leave broken concrete in that location. Work carefully and enjoy the speed and convenience of the Ramset fastening system.

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Comments (4)
Ranked #10 in Home Safety

thanks for the tips

Good informaiton here, you will be the go-to gadget guy!

I'm glad to see the safety glasses warning. I know a co-worker who had a small piece of concrete fly into his eye while using an anchor gun.

 Bill, thanks for commenting on safety..... It is SO important to wear eye protection when using this type of tool.   Fragments of metal, concrete or wood can do instantaneous and  irreparable damage to the eyes. I't is ALWAYS better safe than sorry and use common sense safety protocol whether you are a hobbyist, DIY'er or a professional tradesman.